More on Chris Paul: L.A. not on his list after all?

Once Chris Paul concluded he wants out of New Orleans A.S.A.P., he surely tacked a note on the refrigerator door at Chris Paul Inner Circle Headquarters entitled "List of Preferred Destinations: Please read." Generally speaking, the fridge -- a high traffic destination and traditional home for lists, invitations, and reminders -- is a great place to disseminate information. Unless one or two guys dust past posted inter-circle memos in a rush to get at last night's Chinese food, that is.

Seems to be the case here.

Wednesday night, Ken Berger of CBS Sports reported fresh and powerful news of Paul's unhappiness, naming the Knicks, Magic, and Lakers as his ideal landing spots. Today, ESPN.com's Chris Broussard reports Paul has New York, Orlando, Portland, and Dallas on his list... but not L.A.

C'mon, inner circle/sources close to Chris Paul, get it together. Either way, as I wrote last night, even if the Lakers were on Paul's radar- even if they were the ONLY team- a CP3-to-L.A. deal would be a long shot, for a variety of reasons. Still, neither thin odds nor today's news will stop many fans from kicking the subject around, because the prospect of a trade, likely centered around Andrew Bynum, makes for a genuinely fascinating hypothetical.