The mysterious origins of Pau Gasol's hamstring injury

During yesterday's practice, Phil was naturally asked about Pau Gasol's injured hamstring, which naturally led to the whole "How did it happen?" issue. A pretty standard line of questioning, but Phil's response was oddly clandestine:

"It happened before the game, in a very unusual way, and I'll let Pau explain that to you when you see him."

Pressed further, Phil insisted we'd have to ask Gasol, the only hint provided was it being "something that's not related to exercise, in this regard ("regard" presumably meaning "basketball-related")."

Okay, I can't be the only person curious about this injury's shadowy back story. What off-the-grid activity was El Spaniard engaged in while triggering a mild-to-moderate hammy strain? Downward dog accident? An ill-fated attempt to recreate moves from the masters while getting his swerve on at the club? Indian leg wrestling with Michael Fanter over the rights to his likeness? Seriously, what's so unusual Phil isn't willing to risk a game of "telephone" muddying the exact details? Pardon my radar popping up, but that's just goofy.

Vexed, I open the floor to the fans. Toss around some ideas, will ya? Have fun and be creative, just make sure it's all "safe for work." Maybe one of you can help get to the bottom of this mystery.