Paging Dr. Gasol...

"...When the doctor asked Lisa Shattuck, "You guys Laker fans?" her answer was no. When he asked her if she'd heard of Pau Gasol, she answered, "Pau who? She'd heard of Kobe Bryant. And when she and her husband lived in Park City, Utah, back in the '90s, she'd heard of John Stockton, Karl Malone, Michael Jordan, even Jeff Hornacek. But Pau Gasol was something of a mystery. "Well, Pau is a former medical student, whose mother is a doctor, and he'd like very much to observe your daughter Isabelle's surgery this coming week," [Dr. David] Skaggs told her..."

Life is filled with "what if's?" even for professional basketball players. As ESPN.com's Tom Friend writes, in an alternate universe Gasol could be one of the world's taller surgeons. In this one, he just gets to watch, but it's still a great story, revealing a lot about why Gasol is such a unique and popular figure around town.

(For the photo gallery of Gasol's experience, click here. Andy and I spoke to Dr. Skaggs, Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Saturday morning on ESPNLA.com On Air. Here's the audio of our conversation.)