Shannon Brown press conference (video)

Highlights from Shannon Brown's brief meet and greet with the media in El Segundo...

- At the top of the video, the "false" reports referenced were the web chatter about competing offers coming in at $4-5 million per season. The misinformation didn't particularly bother Shannon, who's coming to realize this is just part of the free agency game.

- Brown is now part of a second unit featuring Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, Lamar Odom and (at times) Theo Ratliff, which I (among other media types) consider an upgrade over last season's version. No argument from Shannon, who noted the importance of the bench playing with more consistency than in 2010. "That's a major part of winning," said the shooting guard. "Our bench has to come out and be able to produce and continue to make the team better when the starters on our the bench."

- Kobe Bryant's commonly recognized nickname is Black Mamba, but I'm starting to think we should start calling him "Don Corleone." Dude apparently knows how to make an offer people can't refuse. Having enjoyed previous success this offseason getting into the ears of Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher, and Barnes, you can add Shannon to the list of those recruited/influenced by KB24.

"He definitely told me if I was to come back, that I was gonna have a major role in helping the bench," relayed Brown. "To help the starters and helping the team was a major thing. And little individual things I had to do get better on the court and help the team."

(Along these lines, I'm curious to see if Raja Bell wakes up with a horse head in his bed at some point this season, him being the one guy who refused Bryant a favor.)

- Shannon's offseason work has focused on refining his game. As he put it, "solidifying myself as a basketball player instead of an athlete."

- Free agency options are a relatively new luxury for Shannon, whose career was filled with rocky patches not too long ago. As the saying goes, the enemy of "good" is often "better," and variety on your plate can sometimes complicate matters. But Shannon weighed all those options carefully, and in the end, still recognized how the Lakers offered the most of what he wanted. "This has been the best fit, the best spot, the best everything for me," explained Brown. "From the money to the team to my potential role on the team and all of that. This has been at the top, number one on the list."

- Shannon's injured right thumb/hand has "healed up pretty well" over the summer and surgery won't be necessary.

- The high fly act has no illusions about the challenge ahead in trying to three-peat. "It's definitely gonna be a difficult task," admitted Brown. "To do it two times in a row is difficult, but I know the third is gonna be even more tough. But we have guys on the team that have done it already, coaches that have done it already. We have a lot of things to look back at and to build on for this season. I think everybody is looking forward to the challenge."

The video of Shannon's presser can be viewed below the jump: