Replay: Lakers Late Night vs. Dallas, plus postgame video

No Andy tonight, but don't fear. Just as Bruce Dickinson needs more cowbell, we've been told Lakers Late Night needs more Markazi. Arash Markazi, specifically. He joins the show following an eventful night at Staples, as the Lakers turned a three-point halftime lead into a 28-point win with a dominant second half. On tonight's show, we kick around the following:

  • What a potential second round matchup against Dallas could look like. Do the Mavs have the size to compete with L.A. over seven games?

  • The fallout from all the extracurricular activities on the floor Thursday night. Does Matt Barnes get suspended, after charging into the breach in defense of Steve Blake?

  • San Antonio lost again Thursday night, leaving the Lakers only two games behind the Spurs in the loss column. Can the Lakers catch them? Should they?

  • Another good night defensively, helped by another night of very low turnover totals (seven).

Click below for more postgame videos (from actual players). Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom weigh in on what they think happened on the floor Thursday, whether with the wrasslin' or the actual basketball being played, and weigh in on how all of this could impact a playoff series, should the teams meet later this spring.

Odom, on the game, his performance, and what a series could look like against the Mavs:

Odom, on Barnes:

Gasol, on the game, and a potential series:

Gasol, on the Jason Terry foul: