Four! Swaggy P's scoring feat

SALT LAKE CITY -- Nick Young might be the unofficial NBA leader when it comes to sheer "swag," but there is an actual statistical category that Young is the league leader in: 4-point plays.

Young has four 4-point plays on the season, made possible when a player makes a 3-pointer as he's being fouled and then hits the ensuing free throw, which doubles Stephen Curry, Kyle Korver and Anthony Morrow who are all tied for second with two apiece.

Young recently had a stretch of three 4-point plays in four games from Dec. 20-25, something no player had accomplished since Jamal Crawford did it in March 2009 for the Golden State Warriors, according to ESPN Stats & Info. Crawford happens to be the league's all-time leader in the quirky stat.

"Well, that's one of our goals," Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni deadpanned when asked about Young's 4-point feat.

Young now has eight 4-point plays in his seven-year career.

"It is uncanny," D'Antoni said. "Some guys have it. I think Jamal Crawford has that. There's a few guys that can do that. I don't know how they do it. I couldn't make an open 3 just by myself. How they can draw the foul and be able to make it is a mystery. But he does have that ability."

Young's four 4-point plays have already set a Lakers franchise record for most in a season. When asked before the Lakers played the Utah Jazz on Friday if he could guess the four other players in Lakers history to have two or more 4-points plays in a season (since 1978-79 and including playoffs), Young was able to guess three of them -- Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher and Eddie Jones -- and needed help from teammate Jordan Farmar to get the fourth (Sasha Vujacic).

What does Farmar think about Young's 4-point ways?

"You don't see it often, so when you see it four times in a season, five times in a season -- however many times he's done it -- you notice," Farmar said. "You pay attention."

Then Farmar revealed the secret behind Young's 4-point success.

"He shoots it normal and then just, 'Ahhhh!' " Farmar said with a laugh as he contorted his body in exaggerated fashion to simulate how Young reacts to contact when he shoots beyond the arc.