PodKast: Blake's injury, #6 for #24, JET's fightin' words

Our last podKast before training camps begins. On several levels, we're quite excited about this timeline.

The show can be heard by clicking on the module and a breakdown of talking points can be found below:

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- (1:00): After taking a moment to celebrate Metta World Peace's offseason conditioning, we turn to more somber news on the health front. Steve Blake suffered a (very strange) puncture wound to his left foot, and will therefore be unable to participate in impact exercises for three weeks during training camp. Given that Blake could miss some scrimmages and preseason games, does this situation present an opportunity for Chris Duhon or Darius Morris to earn the spot backing up Steve Nash?

- (10:00): Players 6-10 in #NBArank were announced Tuesday, and Kobe Bryant came in at sixth with a bullet. BK already shared some thoughts, so there's no need to rehash too much of what's there. Plus, as I've noted many times on the blog, I find the concept of ranking players fairly tedious, in large part because people so often work themselves into a lather. Particularly when it comes to The Mamba, whose die-hard followers can be a sensitive lot. It's important to remember hairs are being split between great players. As Brian noted, that Bryant's still part of this discussion after 16 seasons is what matters most and is most remarkable.

Having said that, I also gave Kobe a "10" (the highest possible number) when I filled out my ballot, so direct any complaints somewhere else. And those insulted by Kobe's standing can perhaps take solace in the following. Last year, at age 33, Kobe was seventh in this project. This year, at age 34, he's sixth. Thus, if trends hold, he'll land the No. 1 spot at age 39!

- (18:50): Jason Terry made small headlines recently with his stated mission of "killing" the Lakers and Heat as part of a Celtics squad aiming for a title and none too fond of L.A. or Miami.

- (21:20): The Brooklyn Nets cheerleader outfits are... eye-catching.