Wednesday's number: 3 Phil Jackson wins

Kobe Bryant isn't the only member of the organization poised to make history.

Wednesday's win over Indiana was 531st of Phil Jackson's Lakers career, leaving him three wins shy of passing Pat Riley for the all-time franchise record for regular season victories by a head coach. With the G.L.O.A.T. conversation between (as far as I can tell) Kobe vs. Magic vs. Kareem vs. West getting a lot of play these days thanks to 24's run at the team's all-time points mark, there's now another discussion to be had.

There's no doubt Jackson will pass Riley, but it doesn't necessarily make him the finest coach the franchise has ever seen. Thanks to a couple of lean years at the start of his second stint with the Lakers, PJ entered Wednesday's game with a 530-253 mark (.677) over 10 seasons patrolling L.A.'s sidelines. Riley ran up a .713 winning percentage (533-194) in nine seasons. Postseason success has been nearly identical; Riley has four titles and a .685 winning percentage in the playoffs, while PJ has four Larry O's of his own and a .662 mark.

Insofar as rosters are concerned, it's fair to say both guys have worked with decent talent.

Jackson- 10 rings and the hat to prove it- has the stronger overall record, but focusing just on their records with the Lakers allows a larger argument to be had. Which I'm sure will happen. Feel free to start yours below.