Lakers Late Night Replay vs. New Orleans, plus postgame video

Before the game, the Lakers were introduced to Allene Wynn, a 105 year old Lakers fan. Kobe Bryant promised he'd go out and put on a show for her, and he did... though I'm not sure it was the one he intended. Still, it had a happy ending, because though Bryant missed 18 of his first 20 shots, 21 was all net.

Lakers win 88-85 over a bunch of guys wearing New Orleans Hornets uniforms, in a wholly unsatisfying 48 minutes of Saturday afternoon basketball. What followed, however, was a wholly satisfying 21 minutes of Lakers Late Night, in which we talked at length about...

  • Another in a recent stretch of rocky games for a team whose home record isn't quite as good as it appears. Mike Brown indicated after he thought the win was a testament to team grit and determination. We respectfully disagree.

  • Kobe's shot selection wasn't bad... so why did he miss so much? Fatigue is as good a guess as any (especially since he said as much after the game). We dissect Brown's postgame comments on the topic, plus ask what can be done to solve the problem.

  • A great clip shot after the game referencing the game winner -- see below -- in which Bryant almost perfectly articulates over about 55 seconds the world view making him who he is, from the undeniably brilliant to the periodically frustrating.

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Bryant, on the game winner, and his outlook on basketball, competition, and more:

More below from Kobe, and Mike Brown.

Kobe on the game, fatigue, and more on the last shot:

Kobe on Allene Wynn:

Brown on Kobe's minutes:

Brown, on the Hornets game: