Steve Blake suffers foot injury

The Lakers announced Monday that Steve Blake will be restricted from impact exercises for approximately three weeks after suffering a left foot injury. Specifically, a puncture wound sustained after stepping on a spike strip in a parking lot.

If I may, a few thoughts on the matter:

1) OUCH! That can't possibly tickle. Blake is about as tough a player as the NBA offers, but I think even my man Dalton would concede this pain does in fact hurt. A lot.

2) How does one end up stepping on the spike strip of a parking lot in the first place, much less with enough force to slice a foot presumably encased in a shoe? Was he jogging with his eyes fixed on the horizon rather than the ground? Chasing after one of his kids who'd wandered loose? Did the spike strip pick a fight with the point guard? We all know the dude doesn't back down to anybody, whether a 7-foot center, Jason Terry or perhaps even an inanimate object. I am more than a little curious to hear the back story for this particular mishap.

In any event, between this oddity and his 2011 bout with the chicken pox, Blake clearly has the local corner marketed when it comes to bizarre ailments.

3) As mentioned earlier, Blake will not be able to participate in anything deemed an "impact exercise." I don't know everything about medicine or physical therapy, but I'll go out on a limb and predict playing basketball qualifies as such. Thus, camp will almost certainly open with Blake unable to participate, which means an opportunity just presented itself to Chris Duhon and Darius Morris. I've been running with the assumption that backup point guard would begin the preseason as Blake's job to lose. Mike Brown demonstrated a ton of faith in the veteran last season, despite production more often famine than feast. It therefore stands to reason he'd offer Blake the same leeway this season, between their mutual familiarity, Blake's familiarity with his teammates, and neither Duhon nor Morris heretofore standing out as an obviously better option.

With Blake sidelined, however, Duhon and Morris have a couple of weeks (if not longer) to snag the gig. Duhon is clearly the more seasoned player, but Morris demonstrated flashes of potential during his rookie campaign and is the best of the three at penetrating into the teeth of a defense. (It also doesn't hurt he's a young player at a position the Lakers desperately need to groom.) Duhon would likely possess the edge, but anything is possible -- including neither impressing enough to take the job -- when all options are flawed.

Best of luck to Blake in his recovery.