Scott not buying Barkley hunger strike

Charles Barkley Won't Eat Until Lakers Win (0:28)

Charles Barkley pledges on "Inside the NBA" that he will not eat a meal until the Los Angeles Lakers win a game. (0:28)

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- Charles Barkley made a big pledge to the winless Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday:

"I'm going on a fast," Barkley proclaimed during an “Inside the NBA” segment. "I’m not going to eat again until the Lakers win a game. I'm not going to eat another meal until the Lakers win a game."

But Lakers coach Byron Scott isn't buying it.

“I think he will eat tomorrow to be honest with you,” Scott said. “I don’t believe he’s going on a hunger strike. ... To give up food for another couple days, I don’t buy that one bit. He’s probably sneaking it in at home and everything."

The 0-5 Lakers’ next game is Sunday at home against the Charlotte Hornets. They then embark on a road back-to-back against Memphis and New Orleans, followed by home games against San Antonio and Golden State and a three-game road trip against Atlanta, Houston and Dallas.

“Charles right now is praying that we win Sunday,” Scott said.