Andrew Bynum will start Game 1, and notes on Ron Artest

The "questionable" tag slapped on Andrew Bynum after an MRI Saturday revealed a small tear of the meniscus in his right knee no longer should be applied to whether or not Bynum will suit up- he will- but rather how long he'll play and how effective he'll be on the floor, Phil Jackson told the media before Sunday's Game 1 tip against the Jazz.

"Andrew is prepared to play. He's come in, he's doing some therapy, he's going to activate himself and try to work through it," Jackson said. ""We'll give him an opportunity to start. If he gets prepared to play, he'll have an opportunity."

Unless something changes, Bynum appears to have passed his pregame tests and will go. But Jackson said they'd keep a tight eye on how well he's moving and monitor any discomfort.

"If he's limited in what he can do- if the ability to run full out is going to be something that's going to hamper him, we'll have to measure that."

Most of the interesting stuff from the rest of Phil's pregame media session was related to Ron Artest.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a series without a clear focus for his defensive attention. He'll likely see Deron Williams and some of Utah's bigger guys here and there, but often he'll be matched up against lesser players like C.J. Miles. "I'm a little concerned that he doesn't have a "scorer" to go out and defend. A Carmelo Anthony or someone that's a qualified big scorer," Jackson said. "But the game that Utah beat us, Miles and (Wes) Matthews had 18, 19 points. I chided both Kobe and Ron for not paying attention to those guys because they're not known as big scorers, and they're the guys who really hurt us in the game that Utah beat us this season."

That said, Artest will be busy. "We have him pinpointed for four type of players. If it's Miles and Mathews, then maybe it's going to be Williams and (Paul) Millsap. I hadn't seen (Carlos) Boozer as a possibility, but Millsap has been very active and effective in the last series (against Denver)."