Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Minnesota, plus postgame video

The Lakers kicked off the second half of the season in fine form Wednesday night at Staples, easily knocking off a Kevin Love-less Minnesota squad 104-85. After suffering a concussion in Sunday's All-Star Game, Kobe Bryant was not only cleared to play, but apparently cleared to play very, very well. 31 points, plus seven boards and eight dimes, all while wearing a mask to protect his broken nose.

No surprise, his game was a major topic of conversation in tonight's edition of Lakers Late Night, along with...


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Click below for more postgame video, from Bryant, Pau Gasol, Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, and Andrew Bynum.

Bryant, on playing with a concussion in the All-Star Game, and his neck injury:

Bryant, on playing with the mask:

Bryant, on the experience of suffering a head injury:

Bynum on his knee, Kobe's performance and the win over Minnesota:

Gasol, on the Minnesota win and Kobe's performance:

Blake on Kobe's performance: