Metta World Peace on Conan O'Brien

Lakers forward Metta World Peace was supposed to appear on The Conan O'Brien Show back on April 23rd. For those without a calendar in front of them, that was one night after this.

Needless to say, a little rescheduling was required.

Monday night, MWP fulfilled his talk show commitment, sitting down with O'Brien. He talked about the play, and that he still hasn't spoken to James Harden personally. The latter will be a point of conversation, but isn't really anything new. The reasoning -- he doesn't want to talk to guys he might see in the playoffs -- makes enough sense, and World Peace did reach out through a third party to check on Harden's health. Asked if he thought the suspension was fair, Metta punted ("I really have no thoughts on the punishment") but did lob a few grenades at former players and media, as he did when he went on a (quickly deleted) Twitter jag after the NBA handed down the suspension.

All in all, it was pretty tame by MWP's previously established evening talk show standards. Not simply because he left his clothes on, either.