Chris Paul on playing with Kobe Bryant

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant have discussed playing together before.

While wearing the same colors at all-star games and for Team USA, they’d talk about how unstoppable they’d be if ever on the same team.

“We won’t lose,” Paul says.

They’ll get a chance to play on the same team on Sunday night at the NBA All-Star game as the Western Conference’s starting guards.

Back in December, they were almost teammates. L.A., Houston and New Orleans agreed to a three-way deal that would’ve sent Paul to the Lakers. The league spurned the deal, of course, and eventually Paul was dealt to the Clippers.

But Paul, who didn’t want to discuss the Lakers, knows he and Bryant would’ve been deadly together.

“Kobe’s a killer; we both have that in common,” Paul said. “We both have that competitive edge and we want to play hard.”

The Lakers would’ve possessed two Hall-of-Fame guards, and Paul believes their games complement each other.

“I don’t have to change that much,” Paul said. “Kobe is a really good shooter. He can create, and when I create I can kick it out to him and he’s able to hit open shots. It’s fun playing in the All-Star game and in the Olympics with him.”

Bryant didn’t show to Friday’s media availability, so the love didn’t go returned.