Ron Artest is not a two-sport athlete

As evidenced by his appearance with Team Zankou Chicken from the Melrose "A" Mazing League. (A branch of the World Dodgeball Society, as if I needed to tell you that.) Under most circumstances, a professional athlete popping by to compete among the amateur rank and file would draw "Ringer!" protests. But beyond the fact Ron's a Laker and who would tell the Game 7 hero to scram, it's quickly obvious why the TZC opposition didn't argue his participation.

Dude is a pretty shoddy dodgeball player.

His aim is often way errant. He catches like the dodgeball version of Kwame Brown. And if you thought Ron looked uncomfortable and hesitant at times in the triangle, that's nothing compared to how out of place he looks in TZC's system. (Similar to many a Laker game, when Artest isn't sure what to do, he drifts to the outside and stands around.) Plus, 6'7" and 250 isn't exactly the ideal height and weight for evading tosses. But it looks like Artest and everyone else had fun, which is all that matters.

Actually, having fun and grabbing some chicken after the match is all that matters. The Zankou fare is delish.

Hat tip to You Been Blinded and Ball Don't Lie.