PodKast: Dwight, Antawn, plus special guest Darren Collison

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Last week, "Dwight Howard Watch" remained in full effect, while the Kamenetzky Brothers hit the studio for a PodKast. (Two of them, for those keeping score.) One week later... lather, rinse, repeat. Among the talking points:

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- (2:00): As Tom Petty supplies a fitting soundtrack, we ponder the likelihood of Howard actually ending up a Laker. (Bear in mind, we recorded before the plot was thickened by reports of Dwight's willingness to sign an extension with the Lakers.) We agree it's about 50/50, and maybe even higher when you factor in how much easier playing in L.A. makes an appearance in "Just Wright 2: Even More Wright?"*

- (6:50): It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway. If the Lakers can actually get Howard, by all means, do so. Andrew Bynum may be very good, but Howard is better. Period. Our only concern is Howard's back, but assuming the doctor likes what he sees, we're willing to bet on the 7-footer's track record of incredible health.

- (10:10): Unless something unforeseen happens, Antawn Jamison will soon officially join the Lakers as the sixth man and primary big off the bench. Between the desperate need for bench scoring, the depth provided at two forward spots and the veteran's minimum money in play, this is a terrific pickup, inevitable defensive lapses acknowledged.

- (17:40): Mavericks point guard Darren Collison joins us, and we discuss the new-look Mavericks, the adjustments for any point guard (whether he or Steve Nash) playing with new teammates and the differences in attacking a paint patrolled by Howard vs. Bynum.

- (24:40): When we spoke last year for the "L.A. In My Game" series, Collison shared the pride felt for his native Rancho Cucamonga and the Inland Empire. Thus, it's no surprise his basketball camp for grades 6-8 will take place on July 23-25 at his Alma Mater Etiwanda High School.

- (27:55): We say goodbye to Collison and circle back to Howard, and whether the wait for Superman could delay further roster construction.

* - Fictitious working title.