Donald Faison on the NBA Finals, LeBron, Denzel, 'The Exes' and more

Actor Donald Faison broke out with his role in "Clueless" back in 1995, then landed other solid parts before really hitting it big, cast as Dr. Christopher Turk on the long-running (and very funny) sitcom "Scrubs." He now stars on TV Land's "The Exes," kicking off its second season Wednesday night at 10:30 p.m. PT.

Jerritt Clark/Talent Resources/Getty Images

Donald Faison, best known for his role on "Scrubs," now stars on TV Land's "The Exes."

A huge sports fan, Faison joined us on Saturday's edition of "ESPNLA On Air."


We covered a lot of ground, starting with his role as a sports agent on "The Exes." Does he draw any inspiration from current members of the profession? From there...

  • The mess that (still) is his beloved New York Knicks, and whether he thought Phil Jackson ever might end up there. (2:30)

  • After playing such a well-known character on "Scrubs," how hard is it for fans to buy him in another role? (5:45)

  • His role in "Remember the Titans," and what he learned from working with Denzel Washington. (8:10)

  • What makes for a successful TV comedy? (10:30)

  • Finals talk, and why he's rooting for OKC. Keep in mind, he's a Knicks fan. Plus, some love for Kobe Bryant. (12:00)