Lakers knock of Philadelphia: Postgame video and quotes

Like the rest of us, Kobe Bryant doesn't necessarily understand why he was single covered by Evan Turner with the game on the line in Friday's 102-98 win over the Sixers at Staples.

He talks about how Philadelphia defended him, and more:

Click below for additional postgame reaction, including videos and quotes from Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, Phil Jackson, and more.

Andrew Bynum had a solid game, pulling down 15 rebounds in his second start of the season. Bynum indicated he was still "probably a couple weeks" from getting back to normal, but he's definitely showing signs. "Lateral movement is definitely always a sign," he said as an example, "and I've been doing pretty well with it."

Notice, too, the well placed, if slightly gross, sneeze:

Pau Gasol spoke of the win, acknowledging they can always play better and need to close teams out better than they did the Sixers, but also giving Philadelphia for playing hard and hitting tough shots. From there, it's on to the impact of Andrew Bynum being back in the starting lineup:

Lamar Odom, on the win:


Bryant, on his first quarter, two-handed poster job on Andres Nocioni: "It felt good. I hadn't had one coming down the middle for a while. i feel strong. I've been saying that for a while."

Jackson, on what kept the game close: "There were too many mistakes. We made too many mistakes. You know, Kobe got an offensive foul, he got stripped off the ball. Poor passes in the post a couple of times, losing the ball in there. And [Philadelphia] runs out very well on mistakes, and they capitalized on them."

Jackson, on tonight's game: [Philadelphia] stayed very resilient, and found a way to get back in the game. I seemed like every time we'd get an [eleven or twelve point lead] or whatever they'd bring it back under ten points again and, you know, found a way to close at the end of the game. Pau made a big block that saved us on the side of the minute mark, a shot and scramble situation that I thought we did our best with at the end.

Sixers coach Doug Collins on the Lakers: "They have no weakness... Phil is the master at managing his team, knowing when to push the envelope a bit and get ready to get serious for the playoffs. I mean, he's not going to get too excite if they go five and five in December or lose a couple games in January."

Turner, on Kobe: "He hits tough shots. He can pull up at the top on a dime and just hits tough shots. Even if you stop him, he just hits shots further away."