Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant and Voltron (video)

Lakers fans get a kick out of predicting Derek Fisher's career after basketball. Will he make an easily pictured transition into coaching? Perhaps take over for Billy Hunter as Executive Director of the Players Association, having already served as its President? Hell, maybe even get elected as the actual President, since his speech making skills have already earned him the nickname "Obama" and the dude is a magnet for respect. (Plus, if the security of this great nation ever comes down to our Prez being able to drain a pressure bucket, just like things would happen in a made-for-cable movie, we'll be in outstanding hands.)

Thus far, however, I've never heard "join media" pop up as speculation, but that could be changing.

Fisher played guest host today on Jim Rome is Burning and as the old saying goes, it pays to be able to book guests without having to go through a Media Relations department or a player's proverbial "people." Not too many first-time hosts are granted a sit down with the likes of Kobe Bryant -- for that matter, Brandon Jennings also stopped by -- but Fish ain't your ordinary newbie. Even more amazing, Fish used the opportunity to grill his longtime teammate, blindsiding him with questions about being a divisive teammate in the old days, The Radio Tour and what the ^$%# he was thinking with that L.A. Times Magazine photo shoot? Bryant eventually took exception to the interview, Fish referred to him as "Chris," and the whole thing just got ugly.

Okay, none of that actually happened. But that doesn't mean their conversation isn't worth watching. Kobe offered a history lesson for Doc Rivers, the odds of remaining a Laker for life (99.999 percent) and his opinion on Shaq joining up with the Celtics. I also appreciated how he never misses a chance to crack on Sasha Vujacic's eyebrow-centric free throw ritual.

The best, however, was Kobe's take on the new Miami Heat. After confirming he'd personally never have joined forces with two other superstars (not that there's anything wrong with that), there was a classic description of the South Beach trio: "They basically formed Voltron."

No doubt, a fantastic line and a clever reference. But for the sake of accuracy, I'm gonna have to correct The Mamba. As the animated introduction notes, Voltron is "loved by good and feared by evil," which is basically the Bizarro-version of the NBA's newest black hats. There is a reason I only refer to the Heat as the "evil super team." I'm not biased enough to claim the Lakers are necessarily the consensus "loved by good" squad. ("Loved by those with good taste," sure, but that's another story.) But I absolutely know which team ain't BFF's with "good."

Still, clever is clever. Well played, Kobe.

On a totally unrelated and random note, has there ever been an interview featuring two guys with bigger wedding rings?