From the Department of Silver Linings: A run at history?

Following last night's loss to Sacramento in San Diego, capping an unblemished preseason run of eight losses in eight games, I noted that while there is much work to do and for a variety of reasons the Lakers didn't get as much out of the exhibition season as they hoped, there are any number of positives, as well.

Consider: Dwight Howard's health; Metta World Peace's conditioning; and the play of non-Antawn Jamison members of the bench when considered in a realistic context.

And, now, there's one more nugget to appreciate amidst the octet of unfavorable final scores: The Lakers can make a run at history.

From ESPN Stats and Information:

Elias only has preseason information back to 1995-96. Only three teams since then had winless preseasons of 5+ games:

2012-13 Lakers 0-8

2008-09 Bobcats 0-8

2007-08 Heat 0-7

The prior two teams did not make the playoffs.

That's right, the Lakers have a chance to do something no team has ever done, just by making the postseason! I think we all agree that'll happen.

So if you happen to be one of those fans frustrated by the underwhelming numbers posted by your Lakers this preseason, remember it will all be worth it come April when the Lakers shatter the confines of historical precedent like General Zod from the Phantom Zone.