PodKast: Final shots, new coaches, naming trends

With Oct. 1, Media Day and the season's official start inching ever so close, you can begin to smell basketball in the air. (As opposed to the other scent permeating throughout the Southland.) The anticipation is building and Lakers fans are excited. But even with roundball existing purely on the horizon, there's still plenty to discuss, because that's how the purple and gold world works.

The show can be heard by clicking on the module, and a list of talking points can be found below:

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- (2:00): We're rooting for second-round pick Robert Sacre to make the team not necessarily because of his skill set, but the endless pun-ny possibilities his last name offers.

- (5:00): While I was on vacation, Brian and Ramona Shelburne tackled the "who takes the last shot?" question on an edition of The Forum. Since I'm back in town, we make it a familial discussion. To me, if the situation specifically calls for a 3-pointer, I'd run the entire operation through Steve Nash. He's the best option to take the shot, can create his own look and will always find an open shooter for a kick out. If it's an old-fashioned two-pointer, however, Nash, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard, and Antawn Jamison all represent viable options, depending on the situation, given their proven scoring abilities and this team's collective ability to move the ball. And that it doesn't have to be one guy is a major plus enjoyed by few teams in the league.

Fans and media will inevitably obsess over who gets the rock in the final seconds, but as long as the players don't, the possibilities are borderline limitless.

- (10:20): A fun trip down Ron Artest-Bad-Shot-Memory-Lane, including this gem Hardwood Paroxysm's Rob Mahoney set to "Yakety Sax." (We'd also both forgotten how Kobe bailed out this bizarre possession with a triple from about three feet behind the line. Easy peasy, no worries. In retrospect, Phil Jackson should have run this set more often.)

- (19:00): In Eddie Jordan, Bernie Bickerstaff, and Steve Clifford, Mike Brown has assembled quite the army of assistant coaches. What effect will these new faces -- along with a new offensive system -- have on the team?

- (25:30): Apropos to nothing in particular, how have American names changed over the last 100 years? We compare the most popular names of 1911 and 2011.