Lakers-Pacers Lakers Late Night replay, plus postgame videos

Whatever ails the Lakers apparently won't be automatically solved by home cooking. Sunday's 98-96 loss to the Pacers marks the third defeat in the row, and their fourth in five recent tries against playoff caliber teams. That ain't good. We tackled several issues during the show, and like the Lakers, our execution left something to be desired, so be aware of some technical issues at the outset. Among the talking points:

- The failure on several counts during a critical possession with about 30 seconds remaining in the game. The players did a lousy job manufacturing a good look, and Mike Brown, by his own admission, should have called timeout beforehand to set up a play.

- The decreased defensive efficiency after a stifling first quarter. In particular, the Lakers did a bad job minding the three-point line, repeatedly collapsing whenever a Pacer would penetrate. As a result, Indiana drilled nearly 56 percent (10-18) of their shots from behind the arc. As Brown noted, the general intensity waned after the opening 12 minutes.

- The offense was relatively improved, but problems still linger when it comes to generating points. For one, the place where Pau Gasol operates (almost solely the high post) feels problematic. Obviously, he can be used to good effect as a facilitator from the elbow and above -- 10 dimes on the night -- but such a talented scorer down low shouldn't spend so much time away from the basket. Pau, for one, would like to operate more in the low post. Unfortunately, between Andrew Bynum's limitations in the high post and the team's shortage of creators, keeping him there over long stretches becomes difficult.

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Click below the jump for videos from Kobe Bryant, Mike Brown, Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol, and Metta World Peace.

Kobe Bryant on the three-game losing streak, offensive issues and the benefit of a day off:

Kobe, on Pau Gasol's spots on the floor, and their play together:

Mike Brown, on not calling timeout:

Brown on losing urgency as the game progressed:

Pau Gasol on playing more down low:

More from Gasol about his desire to play in the low post, and his facilitating duties:

Metta World Peace, on the three-game losing streak and remaining optimistic:

MWP, on operating more in the post, playing against former proteges Danny Granger and George Hill:

Derek Fisher on Gasol's role, and the coaching staff learning about the roster

Fisher, on the bad sequence at the end of the fourth quarter, and Brown not calling time out: