Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Phoenix

According to Elton John, Saturday is a night where fighting is perfectly acceptable. However, the Lakers either didn't get the memo or don't much care for classic rock, because not much of a fight was put up against the Suns in Phoenix during a 125-105 smack to the face. Yeah, Kobe Bryant was in street clothes because of inflammation in his left shin, but the Suns were also missing Grant Hill, and aren't good as the Lakers to begin with. Plus, The Mamba's absence doesn't account for the Suns shooting a shade over 48 percent from behind the arc. Or a decided non-scoring threat like Robin freakin' Lopez coming within a 3-pointer of matching the visiting bench's collective tally by himself. And dude only scored seven points!

Kobe would have certainly helped the Lakers' cause, but pinning the loss on his injury lets the team off the hook far too easily. It's just one issue kicked around on Saturday's edition of Lakers Late Night. Obviously the total lack of defense was a focus. Why have the Lakers fallen apart? Can Humpty Dumpty be put back together again? Certainly all the king's horses and men have their work cut out. What role does fatigue play in all of this? Or Andrew Bynum's only periodic commitment to both sides of the floor?

And then there's the bench. We talk about potential strategies going forward. Steve Blake has been awful, but what are the alternatives?

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