NBA cancels November, 82 game season

The month itself will remain on the standardized calender -- even David Stern's power has limits-- but for the purposes of NBA games, November might as well be the 2011 "Charlies Angels" revamp. For that matter, the chances, however slight, for an 82 game season squeezed into the schedule like sardines in a can are now officially eliminated.

Second verse, same as the first. So goes the results of what's ultimately a fruitless week's worth of meetings in New York.

For the Lakers, the following games have been lost:

  • Nov. 15 vs. Washington

  • Nov. 17 vs. New York

  • Nov. 22 @Memphis

  • Nov. 23 @Oklahoma City

  • Nov. 25 vs. Sacramento

  • Nov. 29 vs. Minnesota

Obviously, the juiciest game on the docket is the one in OKC, although a date with the Grizzlies runs a very close second. Frankly, that's a fun, challenging, informative back-to-back down the porcelain. The first showdown against the Amare-'Melo Knicks is also intriguing... and also gone.

The remaining three opponents are fairly pedestrian. Nonetheless, after watching John Wall move at warp speed during the Drew-Goodman rematch, I'd love to see the Lakers' strategy for containing him. DeMarcus Cousins was absolutely destroyed during his rookie year battling Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and, in one contest, Derrick Caracter(!). Will a year of NBA experience under his belt even up the score? Plus, there's that Jimmer fella the kids are so wild about. And Lamar Odom vs. Kevin Love was a fun, seesaw battle last year.

In other words, there's always at least one element worth watching an NBA game, regardless of the matchup.

Instead, we're left to watch press conferences where Stern, Adam Silver, Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter share tedious details of a middle seemingly impossible to meet at.

Are we having fun yet?