Vote on the best between L.A. and Boston

Should Alex Trebeck ever need to fill out a "Rich Things" category on Jeopardy!, he could start with "What is triple chocolate fudge?" then move perhaps to "Who is Bill Gates?" or "Who are people who bet the farm on Mine That Bird?"

Somewhere in there, maybe for a Daily Double, would be "What is the history between the Lakers and Celtics?"

ESPN Los Angeles has put together a very cool photo gallery laying out the 10 greatest games between these two teams, many of which could make a 10-best list in NBA history. There were plenty of L.A./Boston gems not making it off the cutting room floor, too.

So which is the ultimate expression of the rivalry? Vote below on the 10 games included the gallery, or feel free to suggest your own candidate by selecting "other" and leaving your choice in the comments section below. Given our primary demographic, there are a few games I don't expect to poll all that well... but attempt to be objective. (I know, I'm laughing, too, but I'm obligated to at least try.)

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