Lamar Odom and J.R. Smith are not tweeps (LAL-DEN videos and polls)

So explained Lamar Odom when asked after Friday's win over Philly if he was aware of the Denver sharpshooter's rather confident tweet about going mano a mano with Kobe Bryant. Fair to say, he's not losing sleep over Smith's Twitter account.

He does, however, care about the actual game against the Nuggets. For that matter, so do Lamar's teammates.

Check out the videos below the jump for a buffet of opinion.

More from Lamar, who thinks this game still means more to Denver than the champs, regardless of who's playing better at the moment. Thus, he's expecting an intense atmosphere.

Come to hear Pau Gasol share thoughts on Denver's talent, determination and the importance of not dropping another contest to the visitors. Stay for the fantastic bit of silent comedy in reaction to getting hit with too many questions at once.

This is Chaplin-esque stuff, people.

The Nuggets and Lakers have a little recent history, but Gasol echoed the sentiments of Phil Jackson and teammates about more time required before the pairing reaches "rivalry" status. Derek Fisher took the notion one step further.

In his mind, a truly high standard must be met in order to be declared as such. Basically, in the last 30 or so years, if it wasn't Lakers-Celtics, it was not a rivalry. Not even Lakers-Kings in the early decade cuts the mustard.

Having now heard from the Lakers, Dave Miller and the Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman about the showdown, it's time to voice your opinion. Vote early and vote... well, early. There's honestly no need to stuff the virtual ballot box. Nobody really "wins" anything.