PodKast: Matt Barnes, lockout talk and Rise of the Planet of the Apes

There are three things Lakers fans can always count on: Death, taxes and Ear Candy. Brian and I would like to think we're the most enjoyable item. Among the talking points:

- After establishing that Trey Johnson will in fact be playing in Italy next season -- as opposed to India -- we discuss why he felt inclined to commit in August to an overseas gig: The lockout. The mood has grown so tense, what with the NBA's recent lawsuit and such, Players Association Executive Director Billy Hunter declared that were he a bettin' man, his money would be on a canceled 2012 season.

Of course, it's important to remember public negotiations rarely use the media to convey sunshine and lollipops. Even if both sides felt confident about avoiding Armageddon, they'd never cop to it, on or off the record.

- Having said that, if you take Hunter at his word, it's not just the owners and players standing to lose a substantial chunk of change. David Stern could be out ten figures, according to recent reports. Considering the league is crying poor, should Stern's salary raise eyebrows? And how would fans feel if, in the event of a missed season, he served as Commish for a Euro league?

- With "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" coming out this weekend, we lament how scientists in movies clearly never watch science fiction movies. Otherwise, they'd have learned by now that creating a super "pick your animal" always leads to disaster!

- Finally, our conversation with Matt Barnes, who joined us earlier that day. Topics include the status of his knee, his thoughts on the Lakers' playoff fizzle and his charity golf tournament. Unfortunately, we spoke right before he slugged an opponent during a San Fran Pro Am, so we couldn't ask about the incident. Hopefully, our interview didn't put him in a bad mood.