From the mouths of babes: Lakers/Heat X-Mas letters to Santa

Do this job long enough, and you develop sources. Spies. People who see and know things. Occasionally, your elfin contacts at the North Pole can be parlayed with similar ins at the Postal Service and lead to real treasures. Such is the case this year, as we've discovered letters written to Santa regarding Saturday's game between the Lakers and Heat.

A sample, from one Southland lad, apparently influenced by what he sees on television:

"Dear Santa,

My team in North Manhattan Beach never wins in the playoffs, even though we always do really good during the season. I’m really good but my teammates are bad like when we’re at school they get picked last on the playground. I’d really like to play with South Manhattan Beach because they have Davey T. who is super awesome. Is there any way you can help me take my talents to South Manhattan Beach? And maybe bring my friend Billy, too? He plays in Pasadena, which my dad says is so far away it might as well be another country.


Ethan R "

Touching, really, the little things kids ask for.