L.B. Poly goes green ... then black

Call it the ultimate switcheroo.

The Long Beach Poly Jackrabbits wore their customary all-green uniforms during warmups Friday night. They went into the locker room for coach Raul Lara's pregame speech and, minutes later, emerged from the Veterans Stadium tunnel sporting an all-black kit.

A makeshift fog machine composed of fire extinguishers made the surprise unveiling even more dramatic.

"We wanted to give everybody a show," senior Randall Goforth said following Poly's 38-21 victory over rival Lakewood. "It was for the seniors. Snoop Dogg bought them for us. We promised him we were going to wear them and represent."

Rapper Snoop Dogg, a Poly alum, sponsored the team and got sports apparel giant Adidas involved. He gave the Jackrabbits a choice of three different kits. They went with green, white and black.

"I think it shows our confidence," senior quarterback Nick Pope said. "A lot of the guys were saying we look like Oregon and stuff like that, but I think our jerseys look better than Oregon's. It sent a message that we're trying to bring some type of swag to the game. I think it was pretty tight."

Surprising those in attendance was the main objective. Running out through the smoke, something often seen at college stadiums, added flare.

"Man, words can't explain how good these look," senior Richard Smith said.

Lara said his team will wear the all-black uniforms only on special occasions, perhaps in this year's CIF playoffs. Players were asked to return the uniforms to the school early this week.

"I'm going to find a way keep it," Smith said, "one way or another."

Blair Angulo covers preps for ESPN Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter.