O.C.: Top 20 football teams of the past decade

The Orange County Register ran an interesting article in which it ranked the top 20 football teams over the past decade.

It's a good list, and it's hard to argue with Mission Viejo '04 as the No. 1 team of the decade, though Los Alamitos '04 seems waaaay too high at No. 3, and the omission of the 2009 Edison and Mission Viejo teams seems a bit harsh; those were both one-loss teams that would have given Los Al everything it could handle.

Mission Viejo ('02, '03, '04, '05) and Orange Lutheran ('03, '04, '06, '07) each had four teams in the top 20, and Servite ('07, '09, '10) had three. Los Alamitos ('03, '04), which hasn't won a playoff game since 2004, is named twice, as is Tesoro ('05, '08).

Perhaps reflecting the dispersal of power in Orange County, Mater Dei has only its 2007 team included.

Spoiler alert: Only two teams that aren't currently a Division I/Pac-5 program are included, La Habra '08 and Esperanza '05, though Espy was in Division I at the time of its wild 49-42 loss to Loyola in the championship.

This year's Pac-5 champion Santa Margarita is included; where would you rank the Eagles, who won the Division I Bowl championship behind Johnny Stanton?

Mission Viejo had Mark Sanchez, Orange Lutheran had Aaron Corp, Servite had Cody Fajardo (and Cody Pittman), and Mater Dei had Matt Barkley; so how do you think it shakes out?

For the full list, click here.