LA North: Trevor Gretzky prepares to take over as Oaks Christian quarterback

Trevor Gretzky, the son of NHL Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky, is the quarterback at Oaks Christian. The senior is taking over for Nick Montana, the son of NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana.

Gretzky is the latest in a distinguished list of quarterbacks at Oaks Christian. Montana is a freshman at the University of Washington. Jimmy Clausen played quarterback at Oaks Christian before heading to Notre Dame and being drafted by the Carolina Panthers.

Chris Potter played quarterback at Oaks Christian and is a receiver at Boise State, the third-ranked college football team in the nation.

Trevor Gretzky says he hopes he can continue the rich quarterback tradition at Oaks Christian.

“Not so much pressure, I just try to have fun with it every day and work hard,” Gretzky said. “Hopefully someday I can live up to those guys. I’m just going to do my best to represent them well.”

Coach Bill Redell said he has confidence Gretzky has the ability to be a quality quarterback, although he is lacking in one area.

“He can run. He has a good arm,” Redell said. “He hasn’t had the experience level of some of those other quarterbacks, although he has equal probably what Potter had. But he hasn’t had the experience level of being able to play as a junior or sophomore. When he played he did fine. He’s a great character kid, great leader. He should be an outstanding quarterback. Time will have to tell.”