Orange County: Edison is young, but the Chase is on for greatness

HUNTINGTON BEACH -- After a couple of easy victories, Edison stepped in with a top 25 opponent on Thursday and escaped with a 27-21 victory. How did the Chargers look, even though No. 25 Dana Hills had a chance to win at the end?

Edison, with only one returning starter on offense and defense, looked like it was on the verge of being very good even though Coach Dave White lamented that “we must have had 150 yards in penalties.” The truth is that it only seemed like it. However, Edison did commit a lot of penalties – 15 for 100 yards – way too many to beat Servite next week or (we think) Mater Dei the week after that. By comparison, Dana Hills committed two penalties for 15 yards.

It was obvious that Chase Favreau has a terrific arm and is a good runner. He's a definite threat. When he and his receivers get in sync, Edison could be a Pac-5 championship contender. He ran for 80 yards and passed for 154 and scored doing both. Against Dana Hills, the junior quarterback who transferred from Mater Dei and his receivers were just a step off – or Favreau was throwing the ball too hard to catch. Receivers couldn't hold on to several passes.

Right now, the kid has a touch problem.

“I play baseball, a pitcher, I'm used to throwing a hard ball,”Favreau said. “That's something I have to work on, getting the touch of the ball. We should've (scored 35 or 40 points). This game shouldn't have been close. They're a good team. They're a good program. But it shouldn't have been that close. We're much better than that.”

Once Edison gets in sync – and it will at some point – the Chargers are going to be really good on offense. All Favreau needs to do is learn to throw a changeup.

By the way, Favreau said his uncle is John Favreau, but is not related to the actor Jon Favreau.