Southeast Division: West Covina, Bonita - Part II

West Covina coach Mike Maggiore was genuinely surprised.

Were his eyes fooling him? Had his team really scored 55 points against Hacienda League rival Bonita? Had his team actually walked off the field with a 34-point victory over the then-No. 2 team in the Southeast Division?

"I thought we could move the ball on them," Maggiore said on Oct. 29 following West Covina's 55-21 win. "I thought it would be a tight game, thought it would come down to the fourth quarter."

It didn't. Not even close. The top-seeded Bulldogs (12-1) thoroughly dominated the Bearcats (12-1) behind the play of standout tailback Chris Solomon. It was a beautiful display in a game that turned ugly quick.

On Friday night, Bonita has a chance to make things right -- or at least prove the disparity isn't as wide -- in the Southeast Division championship game at Walnut High.

Maybe we'll get a surprise or two.