LA North: Chaminade has a new blue football field

The fields of fall have a number of names, some more famous than the players who accomplish feats of greatness upon them.

The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field has been the stage for many a Green Bay Packer victory. Would Bart Starr or Brett Favre have such a legacy if their greatest victories were achieved in the arid climate of the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona?

Perhaps. But the lore of Lambeau adds to the legacies.

Sometimes a football field can capture the imagination of both fans and football players. At Chaminade High School in West Hills, a blue hue is in the new.

The Chaminade football team will be playing its home games on a new blue turf. The gridiron tucked on the west side of the San Fernando Valley resembles the football field at Boise State more than Lambeau Field. The unmistakable blue field is always worth a second glance during the Humanitarian Bowl.

Who can forget last year’s epic contest between Northern Illinois and Fresno State? A quick search on Google reminds us that the Huskies from Northern Illinois won, 40-17.

Fresno State has been a regular participant in the Humanitarian Bowl, making three trips in the 14-year history of the game. UTEP, Louisiana Tech and Bowling Green, not exactly the powerhouses of college football, have also made trips to the blue-turfed field in Idaho for the Humanitarian Bowl.

The teams playing in the game might last for only a short time in the memories of football fans, but the blue field makes even the casual fan stop to wonder, “What is that?”

For Chaminade, the blue field is a symbol, a sea of pride, a display of school colors 100 yards long (the end zones are orange, another topic for another day).

It was a symbol of school pride that was in much need of repair. The old green field had worn out its welcome. It had become a patch as hard as pavement and as slick as ice. The new turf might not add a spring to the players’ steps, but it lifts the spirits in the players’ hearts.

As the whispers of fall grow louder and the start of football season edges closer, the Chaminade football team has a field of dreams, a blank slate to write the next chapters of the school’s football story.

What the future holds for the Chaminade football team is uncertain. But one thing is for sure: The blue field, the pool of azul, the sea of cyan, will be hard to ignore.

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