LA North: Thousand Oaks 21, Agoura 12

AGOURA HILLS -- The Thousand Oaks football team scored eight points in 15 seconds in the third quarter and beat Agoura, 21-12, in a Marmonte League game at Agoura High School on Friday night.

Agoura had a 6-0 lead with less than a minute to play in the third quarter. Thousand Oaks scored on a safety when Agoura quarterback Gerard Poutier threw an illegal forward pass in the end zone.

On the ensuing free kick, L.J. Wiley scored on a 75-yard return to give Thousand Oaks an 8-6 lead. Thousand Oaks added a couple of touchdowns in the fourth quarter to pull away and ruined an otherwise stellar defensive performance by Agoura.

The Agoura defense shut out the potent Thousand Oaks offense for almost three quarters. Thousand Oaks scored its first points of the game on a safety after Agoura put up a strong defensive stand on their own 5-yard line.

Agoura stopped a Thousand Oaks drive and took over on downs. Three plays later, Poutier was caught scrambling in the end zone and threw the ball away to escape a sack. Thousand Oaks was credited with a safety and scored for the first time in the game with 47 seconds left to play in the third quarter.

It took Thousand Oaks only 15 seconds to take the lead for the first time in the game. Wiley scored the first touchdown for Thousand Oaks a free kick return with 32 seconds left in the third quarter.

Agoura coach Charlie Wegher said those two plays were the difference in the football game.

“If we drive the ball out and punt to them, maybe we stop them,” Wegher said. “That really was the ball game.”

Agoura took a 6-0 lead in the first quarter when Poutier threw a 32-yard touchdown pass to Kyle London. The Chargers made the six-point lead stand up for most of the next two quarters.

Thousand Oaks had trouble moving the ball mainly because of injuries. Starting running back Rickey Minyard hurt his foot on the first play of the game. Thousand Oaks coach Mike Leibin said both of his offensive tackles didn’t start because of injuries and one of his backup tackles had to sit out because of an injury.

In addition to losing Minyard on the first play of the game, Thousand Oaks lost its starting right guard to injury on the first play.

Liebin said injuries combined with inconsistent play made it difficult for his team’s offense to move the ball.

“I was wondering if we were going to generate any points on offense,” Leibin said. “We were our own worst enemy.”

Thousand Oaks finally scored an offensive touchdown in the fourth quarter. Quarterback Avondre Bollar hit Richard Mullaney with a 34-yard touchdown pass to give Thousand Oaks 14-6 lead. Agoura blocked the extra-point attempt and still had a chance to tie the score.

The Chargers drove down the field and scored on a 15-yard pass from Poutier to London, the second time in the game the two players hooked up for a touchdown. Down 14-12, Agoura tried to run the ball in for the 2-point conversion, but Poutier was stopped short of the goal line.

Bollar capped off the night scoring on a 43-yard run with a little over a minute to play in the game.

Bollar threw for 237 yards and a touchdown. He also rushed for 78 yards and a touchdown on 12 carries. Mullaney caught 11 passes for 134 yards and a touchdown.

Poutier threw for 200 yards and two touchdowns. London caught six passes for 78 yards and two touchdowns.

Kamron Daftari recovered two fumbles for Agoura. The first was on a Thousand Oaks drive that Agoura stalled at the 11-yard line. Mullaney caught a 20-yard pass, but Stephan Yang stripped the ball out of Mullaney’s hands and Daftari fell on the loose ball.

The second fumble recovery came on a muffed punt return. Daftari recovered a fumble on the Thousand Oaks 22-yard line just before the end of the first half. Agoura tried a 32-yard field goal attempt, but it came up a little short.