LA North: Alemany's Danny Serrato injured on kickoff to start second half

MISSION HILLS -- The opening kickoff to start the second half of Friday night’s football game between Alemany and Bishop Amat ended with an injured Alemany player and a 30-minute delay. Danny Serrato was hit by two Bishop Amat players and sustained a neck injury. He was taken to Holy Cross Hospital, which is next to the Alemany football field, by ambulance.

Alemany coach Dean Herrington said after the game he was receiving text message updates indicating that Serrato’s condition was improving.

“A stinger in the neck, that would be my guess,” Herrington said after the game. “All the feeling’s back. He’s getting feeling in everything.”

Serrato was sandwiched by two Bishop Amat players on the kickoff to start the second half. Herrington said he didn’t see Serrato get hit in the head, but rather on both shoulders.

Serrato collapsed and was motionless on the field near the 20-yard line. Blankets were brought out to cover his legs and body.

The game was delayed for more than half an hour as an emergency fire truck and an ambulance were brought on to the field to care for Serrato.

He was put on a stretcher and into the ambulance to be transported to Holy Cross.