LA North: Football recruits

Here are the next batch of football recruits and where they are likely to sign on Wednesday. Thousand Oaks has quite a list of football players headed to college. Alex Singleton and Rickey Minyard might not be going to big schools, but they are two of five football players from Thousand Oaks continuing their careers in college. Quarterback Avondre Bollar is headed to San Diego State, but not to play football. He landed a baseball scholarship there and will join Oaks Christian quarterback Trevor Gretzky on the baseball team.

Montana State

Alex Singleton, DE, Thousand Oaks


Trevor Smyth, ILB, OL, Valencia

Nebraska, Kearney

Rickey Minyard, RB, Thousand Oaks

Nevada Reno

Reggie Coates, DL, TE, Crespi

North Dakota

Brian Fifita, safety, Oaks Christian