MLS CUP: Galaxy's going with FC Dallas

The Galaxy was mightily impressed by FC Dallas' victory in last weekend's Western Conference final, and a lot of their players think the Hoops' success will continue in Sunday's MLS Cup final against Colorado in Toronto (ESPN and Galavision, 5:30 p.m. PT).

Here's what a few had to say when asked to predict a winner:

GOALKEEPER DONOVAN RICKETTS: “The team that beat us, 3-0. Dallas. They play pretty good football, so I pick Dallas. But I have to care for my Jamaican man, [Colorado forward Omar] Cummings. My head tells me Dallas, but my heart goes to Cummings.”

MIDFIELDER CHRIS KLEIN: “I think I would pick Dallas just because they're very difficult to beat. When you have the attacking weapons that they have, I think that maybe they have a little bit of an advantage. But you look at Colorado and you look at their two forwards [Cummings and Conor Casey] and you look at who they have in the center of the park [Pablo Mastroeni and Jeff Larentowicz], and I think it will pose a big challenge for [Dallas].”

DEFENDER TODD DUNIVANT: “I think it will be a good game, but I would think it will be Dallas. I mean, they've only lost four games this season, and they've kind of done so under the radar. … Not a lot of people were talking about Dallas, and they've only lost four games in, what, 33 now? That's pretty incredible. That's an unbelievable record. That means they have a good team. I think they're obviously the favorites, but when you have Casey and Cummings up top, that's an unbelievable combo that can hurt you any time. It'll be a good game.”

FORWARD/MIDFIELDER LANDON DONOVAN: “It's going to be a good game. Mmmm. There's no two players playing better this season than Conor and Omar together, but in my opinion there's no one player who's more important to a team than [FC Dallas's David Ferreira]. It's going to be interesting. My guess is whoever scores first is going to win, because they're both very good counterattacking teams, and if you have to come at them and open yourselves up, Conor and Omar can make you pay, and Ferreira can make you pay going the other way. … Umm. I've got to say Dallas because we lost to them.”