Blackburn joins Becks chase

Blackburn Rovers FC have joined the pursuit to bring in David Beckham on loan, the English Premier League club's Indian owner has told Reuters, and Tottenham Hotspur is becoming impatient as it awaits word on its bid for the Galaxy midfielder.

Landon Donovan, meanwhile, has informed Everton supporters he'd like to join the Toffees again next year.

Blackburn joins nearly a dozen clubs that have expressed interest in acquiring Beckham for a short loan stint, to end before the Galaxy's March 15 season opener.

"We have made an effort to get Beckham on loan ...," Venkateshwara Rao, who purchased a controlling interest in Blackburn two months ago, told Reuters. "Nothing has come out of it so far."

Harry Redknapp, manager of London-based Tottenham, on Tuesday told reporters in England that he needs to know soon whether the Galaxy are willing to make a deal.

"I haven't heard anything for a few days," Redknapp said, according to an Agence France Presse report. "I was looking at (bringing him in for) at least three months, really. If it is a very short-term thing, it can be a problem, as much as I would like him and I am a great fan of his.

"If we are only talking eight or nine games by the time we get him ready, it is a difficult one. I would have to look at that carefully. I can't suddenly be leaving people out and then after a few games, David goes back and I have to mess about with the team again. It would be a difficult one if it is that short a period. We will have to wait until we get all those answers (from Galaxy) and look at it then."

The Galaxy's only response to questions about a Beckham loan has been that their star midfielder is expected in camp when preseason training begins late this month.

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti, who was in charge at AC Milan during the first of Beckham's two loan spells, told reporters at the Blues' training sessuion that he was "not interested" in the 35-year-old winger but that Tottenham could benefit from his presence.

He said Beckham's age shouldn't be cause for concern.

"We had the same question when he came to Milan two years ago, because he was not young and came from the American league, which is not a league with fantastic football," Ancelotti said. "But he gave fantastic support to the team. I was happy to manage him for six months because he is a fantastic player and a good man."

LANDON SAYS: Donovan, who spent 10 glorious weeks at Everton at the beginning of last year but decided against pursuing another loan spell just before Christmas, told Everton fan podcast "Followtonians" that he'd love to return to the Liverpool club.

"I don't know in what capacity it will be, but I really, really hope that the offer still stands to go back next year ...," Donovan said. "I don't know what the proper analogy is, but if you went to Disneyland when you were five years old, you're always going to want to go back."

Choosing not to join the Toffees on loan, he said, "was hard, because I don't want to close that door. "I always want the opportunity [to return]. I mean, I'm an Evertonian for life now."