CHIVAS USA: Goats actively seeking new home

Chivas USA's long-desired move to a home of its own could be coming soon. Managing partner and club president Antonio Cué told Major League Soccer's website that the Goats are in talks with several communities in Los Angeles County about a potential venue for the team.

Chivas is a tenant at Home Depot Center, which is owned and operated by AEG, the owner of the Galaxy, and the club has planned since its 2005 debut to play in its own facility at some point. There have been conversations about several potential venues through the years, and former club president Shawn Hunter said last year the team was looking for a site in Southern California but that the struggling economy had forced a delay to any substantial talks about a site.

"There are a lot of cities asking for us to move, and we're evaluating that, but it's going to take some time and right now we're focusing on playing here this year,” Cué told MLSsoccer.com. "We will study all the locations, and when we are ready to make a move, then we'll let everyone know. We're not ready now, though, because all of [the cities] seem to be pretty good.

"But we're obviously talking to a lot of cities that are all within L.A., and there is nothing outside of L.A. County."

Speculation in recent years has included the old Devonshire Downs location in Northridge, sites in downtown L.A., Cal State Fullerton's Titan Stadium, Santa Ana's municipal downtown stadium and possible locations in Pomona and the Inland Empire. Chivas would benefit by controlling more revenue streams at its own stadium and from a heavier Latino, especially Mexican, presence away from Carson.

"I believe that moving from this stadium will only help things improve in many ways," Rodrigo Morales, Chivas' vice president of marketing, told the league website. "[Home Depot Center] is fantastic, but it's not perfect for our demographics, so we are trying to find something that is better to really fit for our fans, but also our sponsors and partners."