Hope Solo? OK. But please not ...

U.S. women's national team goalkeeper Hope Solo, one of the primary figures during this summer's Women's World Cup, will be on this season's edition “Dancing With the Stars” on ABC.

Remember when Landon Donovan was supposed to be in the cast a year or two ago? Still waiting.

We think Solo will do just fine, and her Pacific Northwest indie vibe should add to the reality show's personality.

All of this got us thinking: Who from L.A.'s soccer world would we like to see on “DWTS”? And who would be a nightmare?


1. LANDON DONOVAN: The Galaxy captain's schedule precludes him from appearing, at least for a few more years, but his agility, pace, intelligence, fitness and creativity could make him a winner. For real.

2. JULIE FOUDY: The U.S. women's national team legend, women's sport activist and ESPN commentator from Mission Viejo has the best combination of smarts and personality in the American game, and although she would most self-effacingly claim she's not fit for the assignment, we think she'd pull it off just fine.

3. DAVID BECKHAM: Could he do it? Of course. Would he have been better five years ago? Yep. Would “DWTS” ever see better ratings? Not a chance.

4. FRANKIE HEJDUK: The Galaxy's Bob Marley-worshipping defender, out of UCLA, has all the reggae moves down pat, as anyone who's watched his, uh, unique goal celebration might surmise. But the guy was a champion surfer as a youth who still, at 37, still loves to hit the waves. (Off the record, of course.) That kind of balance is made for dance.

5. ZAKIYA BYWATERS: UCLA's star attacker has amazing moves on the field, and word is she might be better on the floor.


1. SIGI SCHMID: L.A.'s most successful coach, now in charge of the Seattle Sounders, is a few generations from his time in UCLA's midfield. His girth might make for entertainment on ABC's dance floor, but not of the good kind.

2. BRUCE ARENA: We can't imagine what this would look like. Only that it would be very, very ugly.

3. SIMON ELLIOTT: Not quite sure what Chivas USA's aging central midfielder, a Stanford-educated Kiwi, might make of this.