MLS: Biggest raise went to Lenhart

Major League Soccer's salary list, which the Players Union released Friday, reveals that nearly everyone in the league received a raise of some sort this year, most of them a mild step-up of a few thousand dollars, a few getting more considerable reward.

Among players bred or educated in the L.A.-area, one of the biggest jumps occurred at the top: Galaxy captain Landon Donovan, the best-paid American in MLS, saw his salary jump 100 grand -- from $2.3 million to $2.4 million. Donovan, who is from Redlands (Redlands East Valley HS), is the league's fifth-highest-paid player.

Bruising forward Steven Lenhart (Yorba Linda/Esperanza HS and Azusa Pacific University), who is so key to San Jose's success, picked up a bigger raise, some 400 percent, when he signed a contract extension last November. He made $45,000 in base salary last season and is making $180,000 this year.

Also improving by six figures: Galaxy defender Sean Franklin (Palmdale/Highland HS and Cal State Northridge), from a little more than $97K to $205K, and Chivas USA goalkeeper Dan Kennedy (Yorba Linda/El Dorado HS and UC Santa Barbara), from about $62,500 to $175K.

New England's Benny Feilhaber (Irvine/Northwood HS and UCLA), whose contract mechanics led Chivas USA to decline his services when he showed up on the allocation list last year and the club had first dibs, also received a $100,000 raise, to $400,000 in base salary.

The only local players whose salaries declined were New England goalkeeper Matt Reis (Mission Viejo/Santa Margarita Catholic HS and UCLA), who dropped about $30K to $157,000 base salary; Vancouver midfielder John Thorrington (Palos Verdes Estates/Chadwick School), whose $170,000 is a cut of almost $25K; and FC Dallas backup goalkeeper Chris Seitz (Thousand Oaks/Thousand Oaks HS), who dipped from $100,000 to $75,000.

Here is the full list of salaries for local players, those who grew up or attended high school or college in the greater L.A. area. Also included is Portland Timbers forward Bright Dike, who is playing on loan with the third-division L.A. Blues. The first figure is base salary and the figure in parentheses is average guaranteed compensation):

TOP 10

1. Landon Donovan (Galaxy), Redlands: $2.4 million ($2.4 million)

2. Benny Feilhaber (New England), Irvine/UCLA: $400,000 ($446,000)

3. Chad Marshall (Columbus), Riverside: $310,000 ($341,250)

4. Danny Califf (Chivas USA), Orange: $275,000 ($275,000)

5. Marvell Wynne (Colorado), UCLA: $250,000 ($326,666.67)

6. Chad Barrett (Galaxy), UCLA: $220,000 ($253,333.33)

7. Kei Kamara (Sporting Kansas City), Lawndale/Cal State Dominguez Hills: $210,000 ($212,500)

8. Sean Franklin (Galaxy), Palmdale/Cal State Northridge: $205,000 ($228,333.25)

9. Steven Lenhart (San Jose), Yorba Linda/Azusa Pacific: $180,000 ($187,500)

10. Dan Kennedy (Chivas USA), Yorba Linda: $175,000 ($175,000)


Eric Avila (Toronto FC), UC Santa Barbara: $125,000 ($158,000)

Rafael Baca (San Jose), Lawndale/Loyola Marymount: $44,000 ($44,000)

Chad Barrett (Galaxy), UCLA: $220,000 ($253,333.33)

Orr Barouch (Chicago), Woodland Hills: $44,000 ($44,000)

Tony Beltran (Real Salt Lake), Claremont/UCLA: $125,000 ($160,500)

Michael Boxall (Vancouver), UC Santa Barbara: $44,100 ($44,100)

Tristan Bowen (Chivas USA), Van Nuys: $100,000 ($131,363.63)

Danny Califf (Chivas USA), Orange: $275,000 ($275,000)

Marco Delgago (Chivas USA), Glendora: $44,000 ($46,500)

Cesar Diaz Pizarro (San Jose), Chino Hills/UC Riverside: $33,756 ($33,756)

Bright Dike (Portland), L.A. Blues: $55,000 ($57,937.50)

Landon Donovan (Galaxy), Redlands: $2.4 million ($2.4 million)

David Estrada (Seattle), UCLA: $44,000 ($44,000)

Brad Evans (Seattle), UC Irvine: $145,475 ($159,225)

Gabriel Farfan (Philadelphia), Wildomar/Cal State Fullerton: $46,200 ($46,200)

Michael Farfan (Philadelphia), Wildomar/Cal State Fullerton: $57,200 ($94,700)

Benny Feilhaber (New England), Irvine/UCLA: $400,000 ($446,000)

Sean Franklin (Galaxy), Palmdale/Cal State Northridge: $205,000 ($228,333.25)

Rafael Garcia (Galaxy), Canoga Park: Cal State Northridge: $33,250 ($33,250)

Sam Garza (San Jose), UC Santa Barbara: $65,000 ($91,500)

Luis Gil (Real Salt Lake), Garden Grove: $101,531 ($196,614.33)

Jordan Harvey (Vancouver), Mission Viejo/UCLA: $100,000 ($100,000)

Kevin Hartman (FC Dallas), Palos Verdes Estates/Cal State Dominguez Hills/UCLA: $165,000 ($185,000)

Chandler Hoffman (Philadelphia), UCLA: $65,000 ($91,000)

Patrick Ianni (Seattle), UCLA: $89,303 ($89,303)

Marvin Iraheta (Chivas USA), Pasadena: $33,750 ($33,750)

Hector Jimenez (Galaxy), Bell Gardens: $44,000 ($44,000)

Bryan Jordan (Galaxy), Temple City: $55,000 ($55,000)

Kei Kamara (Sporting Kansas City), Lawndale/Cal State Dominguez Hills: $210,000 ($212,500)

Dan Kennedy (Chivas USA), Yorba Linda: $175,000 ($175,000)

Steven Lenhart (San Jose), Yorba Linda/Azusa Pacific: $180,000 ($187,500)

Chad Marshall (Columbus), Riverside: $310,000 ($341,250)

Jack McBean (Galaxy), Newport Beach: $70,000 ($91,000)

Chance Myers (Sporting Kansas City), Thousand Oaks/UCLA: $86,000 ($101,666.67)

Kyle Nakazawa (Galaxy), Palos Verdes Estates/UCLA: $51,150 ($51,150)

Sammy Ochoa (Seattle), Riverside: $55,000 ($57,500)

Amobi Okugo (Philadelphia), UCLA: $90,000 ($173,000)

Daniel Paladini (Chicago), Van Nuys/Cal State Northridge: $82,500 ($86,978.25)

Brian Perk (Galaxy), Rancho Santa Margarita: $76,000 ($110,100)

Chris Pontius (D.C. United), Yorba Linda/UC Santa Barbara: $155,000 ($166,250)

Matt Reis (New England), Mission Viejo/UCLA: $157,000 ($159,666.67)

Kyle Reynish (Real Salt Lake), Valencia/UC Santa Barbara: $66,000 ($74,304)

Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake), Montclair/UCLA: $170,000 ($178,250)

Andy Rose (Seattle), UCLA: $33,756 ($33,756)

Brian Rowe (MLS Pool Goalkeeper), UCLA: $33,750 ($33,750)

Kelyn Rowe (New England), UCLA: $75,000 ($156,000)

Josh Saunders (Galaxy), Lake Forest/Cal State Fullerton: $74,545 ($77,678.75)

Chris Seitz (FC Dallas), Thousand Oaks: $75,000 ($75,000)

Luis Silva (Toronto FC), Los Angeles/UC Santa Barbara: $44,000 ($79,000)

Michael Stephens (Galaxy), UCLA: $72,050 ($93,300)

Michael Tetteh (Seattle), Los Olivos/UC Santa Barbara: $66,000 ($83,663.06)

John Thorrington (Vancouver), Palos Verdes Estates: $170,000 ($170,000)

Peter Vagenas (Chivas USA), Pasadena/UCLA: $70,000 ($85,000)

Jorge VillafaƱa (Chivas USA), Anaheim: $66,000 ($67,666.67)

Jose Villarreal (Galaxy), Inglewood: $33,750 ($35,625)

Tyson Wahl (Toronto FC), Newport Beach: $65,000 (86,086.67)

Marvell Wynne (Colorado), UCLA: $250,000 ($326,666.67)

Sal Zizzo (Portland), UCLA: $73,125 ($81,414.06)