Mora weighs in on injury reporting policy

LOS ANGELES -- Injury reporting policies came into focus this week when a reporter covering the USC Trojans was banned from practice for writing about an injury and when the Washington Huskies announced a new policy banning media members from reporting on injuries.

A reporter covering the UCLA Bruis was also issued a one-day ban from practice this week for writing about observations from practice. UCLA coach Jim Mora says he understands why media members want to report on injuries and that fans also crave injury information, but that he stands by his policy of not talking about injuries and barring the media from reporting on them.

"We at UCLA appreciate the job you guys do, we understand how hard it is and we want to give the information necessary to do your job," he told beat writers Thursday after practice. "Especially you guys who come out here every stinking day, rain or shine, hot or cold.

"At the same time, we have to protect what we're doing. If we provide our opponent with a competitive advantage because we are providing them injury information, that's just not good for our program. We have to balance what is good for our fans and what is good for you guys and what's good for the public and what's good for our football team."

So, while UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley needed treatment on his ankle during the Nebraska game Saturday and was clearly limping badly after the game and offensive lineman Jeff Baca left the game in the fourth quarter because of an undisclosed injury and was replaced by Greg Capella, there is no word on their availability for Saturday.

The status of those players for this weekend, however, won't be known until kickoff because of UCLA's policy on reporting injuries.