UCLA looking for lessons in first loss

LOS ANGELES--UCLA's loss to Oregon State can serve as motivation if used in the proper manner, coach Jim Mora said Monday.

The Beavers upset the Bruins, 27-20, in a Pac-12 opener on Saturday and UCLA fell out of the national rankings after a two-week stay at Nos. 22 and 19.

"I think it can motivate you if it’s channeled in the right direction," Mora said. "I think it’s important that you learn the lessons of why it happened on Saturday. What happened to affect the outcome of the game the way it came out and then apply those lessons."

Mora said he hopes the players are motivated more by trying to improve and correct mistakes than they are by trying to avenge last week's loss against a different team this week.

"It needs to be ‘hey, we want to reach our potential every single day and every single week,’" Mora said. "I think if you become a team that is motivated by what happened the week before, you find some inconsistencies in your play. We have to be motivated because we want to be the best UCLA team we can be."

Mora later added that he likes what he ahas seen from his team in the days since the team's first loss of the season.

"The defeat bothered them because they worked very hard and they are serious about this," he said. "When we met with them this morning, they were very focused. Not it the tank. Not down...I think they’ll respond very, very well. That’s just my gut feeling. I’m excited to see how they respond because I think it’s going to be real positive."