Poll: Best nonleague win in last four years

Earlier this week we took a look at the best wins and worst losses for each team in the Pac-12 in the last four years (between World Cups).

It was a fun exercise to look back at some of the great triumphs and frustrating losses over that span. That got the Pac-12 blog thinking. What about out-of-conference games during that same time period?

Sounds like a solid Friday poll to carry you into the weekend.

What’s the best nonconference win for the Pac-12 during the last four seasons?

Your options:

Oregon over Wisconsin: The biggest knock on the Chip Kelly era at the time was that he hadn’t won a BCS game – yet -- after losing in the Rose Bowl in 2009 and the national championship game in 2010. But in the 2011 (season) Rose Bowl, the Ducks got over the hump with a 45-38 victory over the Badgers. The world was also introduced to “DAT” guy.

Washington over Nebraska: Rematches usually don’t make for spirited bowl games – especially since Nebraska had already thumped Washington 56-21 earlier in the season. But in the 2010 Holiday Bowl, the Huskies returned the favor with a 19-7 victory over the No. 18 Cornhuskers. It was Washington’s first bowl appearance since 2002 and a declaration to the rest of the conference that the Huskies, who had seen some lean years, were ready to make the move into the ranks of the league’s upper-echelon teams.

Utah over BYU: Which one, you ask? The Utes have won all three Holy Wars since joining the conference in 2011. But it’s the 2012 game we’re looking at. Just a week before, they had lost in overtime to Utah State – and lost their quarterback in the process. But in one of the more thrilling finishes in the history of the rivalry, Star Lotulelei blocked a 51-yard field goal attempt, only to have officials call a penalty on Utah fans prematurely storming the field. The ensuring 36-yard attempt from Riley Stephenson hit the upright, bringing an end to one of the most exciting games in the history of the rivalry.

Stanford over Wisconsin: We considered the 2010 Orange Bowl. That was, after all, the end of the Jim Harbaugh era and a routing opus for what he had started a few years earlier. But the 2012 Rose Bowl victory was the quintessential Cardinal. Get a lead, then hold it by shoving the ball down the opponent’s throat and playing smothering defense. The 20-14 win wasn’t exactly “pretty,” but if you like smash-mouth football, it was your kind of game.

Other: Because the polls are limited to five options, we simply can’t just throw a fifth one up when there are too many other solid wins to consider. UCLA’s win over Nebraska in 2013 tugged on the heart strings like no other. Arizona’s 49-48 win over Nevada in the 2012 New Mexico Bowl wasn’t of any great national significance, but it was one heck of an entertaining football game. There was also Arizona's win over Iowa in 2010, ASU’s win in 2011 over Missouri, UCLA’s win in 2010 over Texas and Oregon’s 2012 win over Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. Plenty of choices, including a few I'm sure you'll remind me of.