UCLA leads Washington State 30-27 at the half

So far, UCLA looks determined to prevent a hangover from Thursday’s thrilling win over Washington.

And it seems that coach Ben Howland has taken a liking towards the 2-3 zone defense – once an unfathomable thought in his suffocating man-to-man scheme.

The fun hasn’t stopped for Mustafa Abdul-Hamid, who earned the top play in Thursday night’s Sportscenter. Abdul-Hamid has a team-high eight points as UCLA leads Washington State 30-27 at halftime.

Klay Thompson, the Pac-10’s leading scorer at 23 points per game, has only shot 2-of-8 for six points, while teammate Reggie Moore leads all scorers with 12 points.

UCLA’s zone defense has been a double-edged sword. The Bruins have held the Cougars to 35 percent shooting, but they have allowed nine offensive rebounds.