Kevin Prince not all the way back

Kevin Prince finally did some throwing Monday, but did so on the sideline while Darius Bell took a majority of the first-unit reps.

Prince has been out with a strained oblique since last Tuesday and was expected to return to action Monday. Instead, he's playing it safe.

"It seems like I can throw on the run to the right side without much pain," Prince said. "Shorter throws are OK right now. It's when the throws get longer and I put more velocity when it starts hurting."

The plan is for Prince to get treatment Monday night and go through warmups in Tuesday's practice. He'll see where he is and go from there. For now, the risk of returning too soon is higher than the reward.

"It's laborious and definitely not as fun to sit back there and watch," Prince said. "It's helpful to an extent, but after a while I think you overdo it."

Coach Rick Neuheisel did not sound particularly sure about Prince's status.

"Ask the trainers," Neuheisel said following the morning session. "(Prince) said he was sore again, but we went through some handoff stuff. We'll see."