Neuheisel responds to book

In a new book titled "Scoreboard, Baby," authors Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry paint UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel as too lenient toward players during his tenure as coach at Washington, refusing to discipline players for infractions. Neuheisel acknowledged Tuesday that was probably the case.

"There were some cases where I erred in not being strict enough," Neuheisel said.

But he seems to have changed his ways since arriving at UCLA at the recent suspensions of four players for violating teams rules seems to back him up.

Receiver Josh Smith and F-back Morrell Presley were suspended for UCLA's Oct. 21 game against Oregon and this week, receiver Ricky Marvray and offensive lineman Sean Sheller will sit out against Arizona.

Presley was also suspended last year for a violation of team rules and Neuheisel was asked whether giving Presley an extra chance indicated a return to his return to his lenient ways. Neuheisel said it didn't.

"Every time he’s crossed the line, there’s been discipline and hopefully now he’s past that point and he can go and be productive," Neuheisel said. "I believe that Morrell Presley has a future. I believe that it’s important for Morrell Presley to go to a school like UCLA and as long as he’ll adhere to the rules from this point forward, I’m going to err on the side of giving him that opportunity."