Reeves Nelson cleared to practice

Freshman forward Reeves Nelson, who suffered a concussion in Saturday's loss to California, has been cleared to practice in non-contact drills for the next two days, a team spokesman announced Tuesday night.

Nelson, who still played 20 minutes after telling team trainers he was fine, bumped heads with Cal's Markhuri Sanders-Frison in the early minutes. He wound up with six points -- his lowest total since Dec. 12 against Mississippi State.

"I just knew something was off," Nelson said. "I just wasn’t right at all in the head. My balance was off."

Coach Ben Howland said trainers administered tests on Nelson to determine his status.

"I asked him point blank if he was OK and he said, 'Yeah,' " Howland added.

Nelson said he will play Sunday at rival USC "no matter what."

"I’ve always been like if I can walk, then I’m going to play," he said. "But I think next time I’ll take it easier. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again."